GP 4 "LS12" SERIES 12-key self-selection RETAIL SCALE

Gravitation Ltd


SKU: GP 4 "LS12" SERIES Group


  • Dual alphanumeric white backlit LCD display. Very clear and visible.

  • 12-key mechanical keyboard for quickly selecting the product, hidden 80-key mechanical keyboard for eventually managing the programming or for using it not in self-service mode.

  • Labeller with 8dots/mm resolution.
    Print width: up to 55mm.
    Paper roll width of up to 59,5mm, external diameter of 80mm.

  • Extractable printer unit to make it easier to change the paper.

  • Stainless steel structure.

  • Stainless steel plate, 368x250mm (LxW) size.

  • 230Vac power supply, complete with built-in rechargeable 24Vdc buffer batteries.


  • Selectable operating modes: ticket, pricing-labelling, single article or self-service.

  • 20 operators.

  • Database of 3000 PLU’s, 80 with direct access.

  • 50 PLU groups.

  • 8 preset tares and memory for 20 active tares selectable by the operators.

  • 600 ingredient lists.

  • 20 product traceablities.

  • 4 VAT rates with a strips function.

  • 10 advertisement messages.

  • 8 payment modes.

  • 3 programmable password levels.

  • Storage and reopening of daily tickets.

  • Cancellations, discounts, special offers, hourly sales reports, customer management.

  • Totals for operators, PLUs, article groups, VAT rates, and short and long term payment types.

  • PLU priority work mode.

  • Prints logos, EAN13 and EAN8 bar codes, price tags with the total, lot, ice.

  • Management of logos and firmware with the HLL (Helmac Label Loader) software downloadable from the web site.

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