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SKU: GPE MK Group-1
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    • Dual alphanumeric backlit white LCD display, operator and client side. The backlight function can be removed.

    • Fast, accurate, mechanical, and waterproof keyboard, with 69 keys including 33 functional keys and 36 easily configurable for PLU's, TLU's and 6 additional operators.

    • Thermal printer speed of 80mm/sec for normal thermal paper or for Linerless adhesive with paper 57mm wide, and outer diameter max. 50mm.
      Print width of up to 48mm.

    • System for easily loading the paper.

    • DIE-CAST ALUMINIUM base, stainless steel and polymer structure.

    • Stainless steel plate, 370x310mm (LxW) size.

    • 230Vac power supply with long-lasting built-in rechargeable battery.


    • Database of 1000 PLU's, 72 with direct access.

    • 10 PLU groups.

    • 100 ingredient lists.

    • 4 VAT rates.

    • 10 advertisement messages.

    • Queue-system.

    • 8 payment modes.

    • 2 kinds of short and long term totals.

    • 6/12 operators.

    • 3 programmable password levels.

    • Single item.

    • PLU priority.

    • Weighing tare, operator tare, PLU's tare, pre-stored and configurable tare.

    • Reopening of the last tickets, discounts, rebates, cash management, customer management.

    • Management of logos and firmware with the HLL (Helmac Label Loader) software downloadable from the website.


Dimensions in mmweight: 13,0 Kg 

*WiFi available upon request

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