Compact Scales

Compact Scales

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Types of compact balance scales

As the name suggests, these scales are smaller than larger industrial options. This product is typically used at home or as smaller options for the food industry.

We stock a range of weight capacities, designs and sizes - there is sure to be a product here to suit your needs. Expect the platform size of our products to range from about 175-175mm to 190-230mm.

How to choose the right scale

You should consider what the scale will be used for when browsing our product series - industrial needs are, of course, very different from laboratory use. It's also worth considering readability and capacity to ensure the product is suitable for your intended usage.




What are the applications of a compact balance product?

Due to their easy readability and LCD display, they can be used for many weight reading needs - in schools, labs, manufacturing, and food packaging.

What features should a compact scale product have?

There are a few things worth looking for when choosing a product like this. An LCD display for easy reading, battery operation, and even a rechargeable battery, to ensure it can be used away from a power outlet. They all offer instant weight readings so you can work quickly and accurately.

What are the benefits of using a compact balance scale?

These products give precision balance information and highly accurate weight measurements. Many are waterproof and they are very durable, so you can guarantee they can withstand heavy use.

They can save you time when working with small items, and also make your work easier than making calculations manually.

What are compact scales made out of?

These scales are commonly made from plastic with stainless steel platforms. Other options, like bathroom scales, will incorporate a glass platform.