M1 Metal Test Weights

M1 Metal Test Weights

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Gravitation sells a variety of different Metal weights used for scale calibration. We have a full set case of weights aswell as weights made from cast iron and finely tuned brass. There are many types of scale calibration weights that are used in different applications, but a good general guideline is: scales with a coarse resolution of 0.1g, 1g, and over should be calibrated with M1 Class weights, 0.01g to 0.001g using F1 Class weights, and scales with a fine resolution of 0.0001g should be calibrated with E2 and E1 weights.

Where should you store your calibration weights?

Whether they are cast iron, brass or any other type of test weight it is important that you store them correctly to avoid dust and atmospheric pollution from skewing its correct weight. If used regulary these wreights should be stored ina dedicated wooden or plastic case that has individual compartments. Metal test weight should under no circumstance be left on shelves or in a workplace open to harsh elements or dusty environments.

How to clean calibration weights

Routinely dusting and soft-bristled brushes are the best tools for dusting weights prior to each use; however, they should not be cleaned more thoroughly unless it is absolutely necessary. When cleaning is more extensive, the weight may change, so measure the weight before cleaning and again afterwards to ensure that it hasn't changed.