Platform Scales

These check-weighing products are often used in industry to weigh heavy goods ranging from airport luggage to shipping crates. They are required to have a large weighing capacity to ensure they can weigh all stock types.

If you regularly weigh heavy or bulky items then platform scales are essential. Our products are easy to install and will last a long time, making them the perfect option for all businesses.

Find the right scale items for your business

Industry-standard scales come in a range of specifications so you can choose the product that meets your needs. Consider:

  • Maximum weight capacity
  • Plate sizes and design
  • Range of functions and settings offered

The benefits of using heavy-duty scales

They're designed to last years in the harshest of environments, making them suitable for use everywhere, from shipping docks to food production factories. Ramps can also be added to prevent the need for any heavy lifting.



    What is a platform weighing scale?

    This type of scale is essential for industrial services. Its large weight capacity ensures that all heavy and large products can be safely and accurately weighed.

    Are heavy-duty weighing scales easy to use?

    These products are simple to set up and use. They are easy to service and durable, ensuring a long-lasting lifespan.  You can even add additional tools and parts to all product orders to ensure you get accurate information from your scales.

    What is the maximum capacity of platform floor scales?

    Each weighing scale will have its own maximum weighing capacity, so you need to check the product information to confirm details. This allows you to choose a suitable scale for your requirements.

    Which industries require platform scales?

    Many industries require the service of a platform weighing scale, from factories and warehouses to large shipping companies. Many businesses require the support of these floor weighing scales.

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