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Weight Indicators

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What is a weight indicator?

On a weighbridge, there is a weight indicator. A weight indicator lists the load, trailer, and tractor unit weight in tonnes or kilograms. In addition to this, it displays any errors that occur during calibration or in the loading process. In general, a weighbridge contains three weight indicators. The first one goes with the tractor unit, the second goes with the trailer, and the third one goes with the gross vehicle combination. The weighbridge structure can affect which one is used. Axle weights are calculated using the gross vehicle indicator.

A weight indicator system is designed to calculate axle weight and tare mass of vehicles mounted on a weighbridge. The tare mass measurement system is typically located in the chargebay and measures the difference between a reference weight and the vehicle's total weight. Weighbridges have a display inside that shows axle weights based on the reading from the weighbridge.

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