Laboratory Scales

Laboratory Scales

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We offer a wide range of apparatus for a variety of purposes, from moisture analysers to technical precision scales. Precision in an environment such as a laboratory is of the utmost importance when it comes to work of such a meticulous nature.


What is a laboratory scale?

Laboratory scales are used for determining weight or mass of a sample; scientific balances are among one of the more vital objects within a laboratory setting. Weighing devices such as these are available in a range of sizes, variable resolutions and various weight capacities.

What is the use of weighing scale in laboratory?

When it comes to measuring the mass of an object, laboratory scales can be used to measure solids, liquids and tissue. They have an extensive range of uses in almost any laboratory, including clinical, research and environmental settings.

What are the 3 types of weighing scale?

There are a variety of different scales that can be used in a laboratory but to name a few, in a laboratory you may find microbalance, analytical balance and precision balance scales. Microbalance scales are used in situations where extreme sensitivity is paramount. As for analytical balance scales,  they offer extremely accurate results and are as effective as microbalance scales. Precision balance scales are the most commonly used scales within a laboratory setting. They are extremely accurate and are available with much higher capacities, meaning they’re practical in real life situations, and also cost a considerably lower amount.