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When catering to patients with accessibility issues in the healthcare industry, wheelchair scales are incredibly useful. They're used to measure and log the weight of those who use a wheelchair or are heavily dependent on it for everyday movement.

We have a wide variety of wheelchair scales from the Marsden range, all with different support features; from the Marsden 610 with portable features to the Marsden 650 with floor mounted and wall mounted stand options for the wheelchair user.

If you're looking to buy wheelchair scales in bulk or as a single purchase, you can rely on Gravitation to provide you with up-to-date product information regarding the most popular and reliable wheelchair scales on the market today.

What Are Wheelchair Scales?

A wheelchair scale is a specially designed medical scale capable of weighing heavy-duty wheelchairs as well as patients at the same time. With the capacity to handle the weight of both combined, wheelchair scales allow patients who use a wheelchair to be weighed without being separated from their wheelchair.

The wheelchair scale is designed to account for the extra weight of the wheelchair, and the digital display acknowledges the extra weight on the platform of the scales. Weighing is a very crucial part of medical data collection that usually takes place in appointments, which is why we here at Gravitation understand the need for accuracy and easy access when you weigh a patient.

The scale system works by allowing the wheelchair user to position themselves on the wide platform rather than having to stand onto a traditional scale independently. Each wheelchair scale comes with either a ramp to attach to the platform or a built-in ramp.

How To Choose Between Wheelchair Scales

As mentioned, there are a wide variety of wheelchair scales available on the medical marketplace at the moment, and here at Gravitation, we sell the best wheelchair scales for you and your patient's needs.

Certain scales may not be suitable for you, depending on the additional features you may need - so it's always crucial to read our detailed product descriptions before you make a purchase. One of the main things we usually advise before making a purchase is to ensure that you are buying Class III approved scales.

A scale that is Class III approved has been tested rigorously to meet the NAWI (Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments) standard, to ensure the weighing function of the scale is reliable and can be taken at first reading for accuracy. They are paired with Class III beds, which have been approved by patients and healthcare professionals alike.

You may also wish to consider how compact the scales are, considering how heavy-duty they can be. In care homes especially, it can be quite off-putting to see large medical tools around every corner, so a simple, easy-to-use scale may be beneficial for the patients, too.

For hospitals, it is important to consider which scales are easier to transport between wards. It may be less suitable to purchase scales for a chair that are secured to the floor and, instead, be much easier to complete the weighing process with portable scales. These can also be stored much easier in a low-profile setting.


In case you're struggling to find the right scales for you, here at Gravitation, we've compiled a brief FAQ section of information that may be useful when deciding on your final purchase. If you still have questions that need to be answered, contact us via our online form, and we'll try our best to help.

What are the main benefits of using wheelchair scales?

The main benefit of a wheelchair scale to a patient is that they can have their weight measured without having to experience any discomfort in the process.

Weighing becomes as simple as the user placing their chair onto the platform and keeping the wheels still.

Can wheelchair scales accommodate any weight?

Every scale will have a different maximum weight, but a wheelchair scale is usually equipped to handle a weight of around 300kg.

Are wheelchair scales easy to use?

With a preset tare function on most scales as well, distinguishing the chair from the patient is almost instantaneous, making data collection much easier as the chair is deducted from the overall quantity.

Are wheelchair scales an effective way to measure a person's weight?

For their intended purpose, scales are definitely effective! As always, we advise that you should read the description thoroughly to ensure that the product is right for you with any scales you purchase on our site.