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Invest in one of the most trusted pieces of equipment when it comes to weighing marine life -- the standalone Unisystem Marine Scale. Developed specifically for weighing at sea, the standalone Unisystem Marine scale is a trusted piece of equipment when it comes to weighing marine life. With a 2 year warranty and with a weight capacity starting at 3kg up to 150kg; this scale is the ideal product. The Unisystem Marine Scale features a robust design, is simple to use and exceptionally precise. In addition to this, it’s durable and able to withstand harsh washdown conditions.

If you’re not based in Ireland, no problem. The scale can be used worldwide and doesn’t require recalibration, meaning that they’re versatile and travel friendly. With a rubber mat and feet for a secure mount, your safety won’t be compromised. We carry 4 different models of the Unisystem Marine Scale, the extras that come with it may vary slightly so please ensure you are aware of this ahead of purchase.


How long is the warranty and how does it work?

This scale has a 2 year warranty. If you come into any functional issues and your scale needs repairing or replacement, Gravitation are here.

Feel free to get in touch and our team will be more than happy to answer any extra questions you might have.

What accessories do you get with the scale?

If you decide that this is the right scale for you, it comes with a variety of accessories. It comes with a column mount, label printer and report software to name a few.

What is the measurement speed?

When it comes to weighing aquatic animals, time may be up against you. With a 0.4 second measuring speed, you will be able to measure accurately and efficiently and see the results swiftly.