Axle Weigher

Axle Weigher

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Vehicle overload results in roads, bridges, and underground utilities being damaged, resulting in a dramatic decline in expected road life expectancy and high maintenance costs.

At Gravitation, we provide axle weighers with a range of weight capacities that are cost-effective. All vehicle types, ranging from light vans to heavy multi-axle haulage vehicles, can be weighed using their axle and gross weight information.

In addition to preventing overloading, axle weighers increase fuel economy, reduce wear, and improve safety.

What are the advantages of axle weighing?

Using axle weighing helps ensure vehicles are loaded to their rated capacity to prevent imbalances and overloads, as well as many other problems. There may be an increase in fuel consumption, increased vehicle wear and tear, road damage, rollover risks, and adverse effects on vehicle handling.

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Overloaded vehicles are being more closely monitored by both the government and traffic commissioners, with a greater number of vehicles being stopped and checked. In addition the installation of secret road sensors on UK roads has given authorities a new tool with which to identify and target offenders. A weighing of the axles of trucks (LCVs & HGVs) before they leave your site ensures compliance with the law as well as ensuring the most efficient and safe operation of your fleet.