Mobile Weighing Scales

Mobile Weighing Scales

Introducing our range of high-performing mobile scales for sale online. A portable weighing scale is ideal for measuring the weight of items during transportation, in remote locations, or in dynamic environments. From heavy-duty crane scales and dynamic pallet truck scales, you can ensure maximum convenience and precision on the move. Browse the full range below to learn more today.

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Precision Weighing Anywhere, Anytime with Mobile Scales, Ireland

With Gravitation mobile weighing scales, precision weighing is possible anywhere and anytime. These advanced weighing machines are designed to provide accurate measurements on the go, allowing you to consider objects in various locations and environments.

If you're looking for a portable weighing scale that combines precision technology with portability, you're sure to find the best weighing machine for you here at Gravitation. Whether you're in a warehouse, laboratory, fieldwork site, or any other setting, our scales deliver reliable results to meet your weighing needs.

Thanks to their compact and lightweight design, our portable scales are straightforward to transport and store, making them ideal for workers on the move. 

So, what are the different types of mobile weighing scales available?

Crane Scales: These innovative weighing devices are specialised equipment made for heavy-duty applications. Robust crane scales are specifically engineered to accurately measure the weight of large and heavy objects suspended from a crane or lifting device.

Forklift Scales: If you're looking for an innovative weighing system that integrates seamlessly with forklift trucks, our forklift scales are for you. These weighing machines offer the convenience of weighing goods as they are lifted and transported. They provide a practical solution for industries involved in material handling and logistics. 

Pallet Truck Scales: These scales are also known as pallet jack scales or weigh scale pallet trucks. They are versatile weighing systems combining the functionality of a pallet truck with an integrated weighing mechanism. Pallet scales are designed to weigh loads accurately as they are lifted and transported on pallets, eliminating the need for additional weighing equipment or processes.

Portable Floor Scales: These versatile weighing solutions offer a more flexible and convenient weighing solution for various applications. Made for mobility, these weigh machines can be easily transported and set up in different locations, making them ideal for industries that require portable weighing solutions.

Choose the best mobile scale for you online here today at Gravitation.

Upgrade Your Business with Convenient and Reliable Mobile Weighing Solutions

Get ready to enjoy the convenience and versatility of portable floor scales for your weighing needs. Explore our range of mobile crane, forklift and pallet scales right here today and experience the ease of accurate weight measurements wherever you go. 



What are mobile scales? 

Mobile weighing scales are portable weighing devices that allow you to measure the weight of objects or loads while moving around. They are designed for easy transportation and are commonly used in logistics, agriculture, manufacturing and healthcare industries.

How accurate are mobile weighing scales? 

Our Portable weighing scales provide high-level accuracy results. It is essential to choose scales that meet your specific accuracy requirements. High-quality mobile scales can provide precise and reliable weight measurements with minimal error.

What are the benefits of using mobile weighing scales? 

Using a mobile weighing scale offers several advantages. They provide convenience and flexibility, allowing you to weigh objects or loads at different locations. They save time by eliminating the need to transport items to a fixed weighing station. Mobile scales also improve efficiency in various industries, enabling real-time weight monitoring and inventory management.