Industrial Scales

Industrial Scales

Portable, high precision industrial bench scales & compact scales for all your weighing needs. Our compact, accurate and unobtrusive bench and floor scales come with PC or printer connectivity to streamline your workflow.

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Industrial Bench Scales and Industrial Floor Scales

Industrial scales are used in shipping, loading dock, trucking, logistical, supply chain, retail, inventory, food, warehouse and laboratory applications. All the scales we stock are ISO certified, meaning the scales are calibrated by a certified laboratory.

Industrial bench scales are designed to fit into smaller spaces, and are ideal for use on worktops, lab benches, or smaller surfaces. At Gravitation, we stock a comprehensive range of industrial bench scales and industrial floor scales, suitable for any business. Our hybrid bench-floor scales have up to a 150kg capacity, so you are sure to find the industrial scale you need.

For businesses that require more heavy-duty lifting, we also offer a range of platform scales that are fitted with 4 shear-beam OIML approved load cells each with 350 Ohm input resistance with protection against dust, moulded sheet-steel structure and loading surface, oven-fire painted RAL 5007 blue, and feature adjustable, shock-proof jointed feet and level.

Why Choose Gravitation for Your Industrial Scales?

We offer a huge range of industrial scales; from bench scales, to platform scales, and even retail scales, and our scales contain compatibility with a wide range of applications. On some of our products, we also offer custom options; giving you additional functionality and specified usage available upon request, making your scales completely bespoke to the needs of your business.  

If you need additional help choosing you can contact us and one of our advisors can guide you through your selection process.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between industrial scales and commercial scales?

While commercial scales are perfect for businesses that weigh small amounts of products or packages; industrial scales are designed to handle heavy-duty loads, with the durability needed for typical environments of industry.

How accurate are industrial scales?

Ultra Precision Scales have a readability of 1 part in 100,000 and an accuracy of 1/100 of 1 percent.

Do you offer payment plans for industrial scales?

Yes, we offer a pay in 4 option with Shop Pay for all our products. This includes our range of industrial scales.