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Our equine scales are designed with both handler and horse in mind. We offer user friendly equine weighing scales with lightweight platforms, waterproof designs for easy wipe down and cleaning, and mobile and static horse weighbridges to suit your needs. High weighing capacity and large weighing area makes Our horse scales an excellent choice for accurately weighing horses and other large animals. Our full platform size avoids crowding horses and prompting skittishness , with low sound options to help keep your horses at ease. We carry equine scales with additional functionality to assist in solo weighing. 

Our horse weighbridges are durable to stand up to the wear and tear of horse care, ensuring a long lifespan for your equine scale. Our precise scales allow for accurate and reliable measurements of horses and other large animals.This is essential for monitoring dehydration, or determining the correct amount of feed or medicines required by your horses. Measure peak fitness weights for your horses with our range of quality horse scales.

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