Pallet Truck Scales

Pallet Truck Scales

Discover our easy-steering, robust pallet truck scales. Utilise high-resolution LED displays that are easy to configure and read. Leverage high-accuracy weighing to improve business logistics. Our pallet trucks with scales are perfect for small businesses, depots, warehouses, and factories. Here, you’ll find a more economical alternative to forklift truck scales and platform scales. CTA: Shop our range of pallet truck scales and increase logistics efficiency today.

Pallet Trucks with Scales: Features & Benefits

Boost logistics efficiency. Use a pallet truck with scales to move goods while controlling weights simultaneously. Save time by removing a step in the process. You’ll never need to stop and weigh goods on an immobile scale.

Our pallet truck scales are highly accurate even for heavy loads. For example, the TPWP Professional series measures weights within margins of a miniscule 0.05%.

At Gravitation, we offer solutions ranging from economical to high-end pallet trolley scales. This includes electric pallet truck weighing scales and pallet truck scales built to handle hazardous materials.

When you purchase a pallet truck scale consider the following features:

  • Maximum weight capacity - Is it within the right weight range for the pallets you need to transport? The TPWLK Logistic series lifts loads up to 2,000 kg for instance.

  • Operating times - How often will you use the pallet truck scales? Operating times vary. If you use scales infrequently, a max operating time of 40 hours will suffice for instance. Opt for 150 hours if you expect continuous use.

  • Fork width and length - There are six standard sizes of pallet, differing from continent to continent. Different industries may also use different-sized pallets.

  • Materials you handle - You may need to choose a pallet truck scale from our hazardous range with extra thick stainless steel to withstand corrosive materials.

Note that all of our weighing pallet trucks are equipped with high-resolution LED displays. The digital weight scales are easy to configure, calibrate, and operate. Some of our pallet truck scales come fitted with a printer, such as the TPWLKP and TPWLKPM Logistics series. Where this isn’t the case, all can be easily connected to a printer via a port.

Our pallet truck scales are also made from stainless steel, a highly resistant material that’s easy to maintain. They’re equipped with rechargeable batteries. Expect a recharging time of just eight hours.

Why Choose Gravitation for Your Pallet Truck Scales?

At Gravitation, we’re experts with years of experience in industrial scales. That’s why we’re trusted by internationally renowned brands and institutions, such as Guinness, Aer Lingus, and Irish Rail.

All of our pallet truck scales are ISO-certified and verified for NSAI and Metrology. This means our products are rigorously tested, held to a high standard, and compliant.

As well as offering high-precision industrial scales, we provide custom solutions. We use our specialist knowledge of technology and mechanical engineering to design the right scales for your exact needs.

We pride ourselves on being a customer-focused company. You can reach us for assistance 24/7. Plus, we offer our industrial weighing equipment maintenance service for all makes and models, not just those manufactured and supplied by us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I weigh a pallet?

The simplest and most efficient way to weigh a pallet is using pallet truck scales. The pallet truck is equipped with a digital scale that weighs the pallet while you transport it. Get a printout with the load’s weight when you receive goods, send goods, or when employees are working in the warehouse.

Are pallet scales accurate?

Yes, pallet trucks with scales are incredibly accurate. Our pallet truck scales have a low margin of error varying from 0.05% to 0.1%. Accuracy is, of course,  important when carrying out tasks such as stock checks and checking weights for shipping.

How do you calibrate a pallet truck scale?

Ensure the pallet truck scale is on a flat surface then enter calibration mode on the digital display. Configure the weight to 0 then place a known test weight centrally on the pallet truck. Ensure the weight is correct to calibrate the scales. Repeat this a few times with different weights to ensure accuracy

Our pallet scales are easy to calibrate. If you’re new to industrial scales, contact us and we’ll walk you through the process.