Custom Weighbridges

For Many Years Gravitation have been supplying customised weighbridges, built to suit specific customer requirements.

See some examples below:


  • 3 Weighbridges 4m x 15m are being used to weigh the massive Volvo A40's, on the construction of the M6 Motorway Project
  • Gravitation built 2 weighbridges 16m x 4.5m and less than 300mm high to fit under Amann Tarmac Plants at John A. Woods
  • Standard Weighbridge dimensions can be customised to fit a new weighbridge into a pre-existing weighbridge pit
  • Gravitation have produced several “mini” weighbridges for Servisair Cargo, Aer Lingus Cargo, Skyhandling and DHL for weighing the full cargo “cans” and “dollys” before flights
  • "Roll-on, Roll-off" Air-freight can weigher at Shannon Airport
  • Roller-Top Scale at World Freight Services

Contact Gravitation to customise an ideal solution to your non-standard application

Weighbridge Conversions

If you have a busy mechanical weighbridge with a perfectly good deck structure (steel or concrete) but a problematic lever system, caused by damaged or worn knife edges, swings etc, eliminate these problems completely by removing the existing mechanisms and replacing them with high accuracy load cells.

By retaining the deck you are making a significant saving while at the same time acquiring a full electronic weighbridge.

If your mechanical weighbridge is not heavily used but you want to upgrade to electronic weighing, Gravitation can install a single load cell and Indicator in place of the mechanical dial.

Electronic systems open up a whole new world of possibilities, allowing automatic ticket printing, comprehensive PC-based data capture, integration with other IT systems and even completely unmanned operation.

Atex Weighing

Gravitation Ltd. offers Dini Argeo weighing solutions for hazardous environments classified by the ATEX 94/9/CE directives (IV attachment).

The Dini Argeo production process is certified for the production and sale of Ex marked devices, for use in potentially hazardous environments.

From the design of the electronic boards to the production of indicators, load cells, platforms, pallet truck scales, crane scales, and accessories, Dini Argeo srl offers a wide range of devices for ATEX zones.


Gravitation Ltd. offers a wide range of ATEX Certifications for the single products, integrated in the respective manuals, and a wide range of ATEX Conformity Declarations for the whole systems:

  • CCATEX (for gas and dust):
  • ATEX II 1GD Certificate for load cells of the Dini Argeo range.
  • DCATEX2GD (for gas and dust)
  • Ex II 2GD IIC T4 T197°C DECLARATION OF ATEX CONFORMITY OF THE WHOLE SYSTEM, with relative LABEL OF THE WHOLE SYSTEM, for the ATEX Ex II 2GD weight indicator of the Dini Argeo range connected to the Dini Argeo mechanical structure with Dini Argeo ATEX load cells (each cell must have a CCATEX certification).


Ex II 2GD IIC T6 T125°C DECLARATION OF ATEX CONFORMITY OF THE WHOLE SYSTEM, with relative LABEL OF THE WHOLE SYSTEM, for a NON ATEX weight indicator connected to the MB4 Dini Argeo zener barriers, connected to the mechanical structure with ATEX load cells of the Dini Argeo range (each cell must have a CCATEX certification).


Ex II 2GD DECLARATION OF ATEX CONFORMITY OF THE WHOLE SYSTEM, with relative LABEL OF THE WHOLE SYSTEM, for a mechanical structure with ATEX load cells of the Dini Argeo range (each cell must have a CCATEX certification).

Weighbridge FAQs

Overground or Pit?

  • Rule of Thumb: Always 'Overground' unless you have no option!
  • Overground weighbridges are cheaper to install and easier to maintain.
  • Pit weighbridges require more Civil Works, a Steel Surround with Man-Hole Covers, and a Pit that is hard to keep clean and requires drainage.
  • Pit weighbridges are unobtrusive. They take up no space and are generally fitted where space is at a premium, such as in an enclosed yard.
  • Conversely, you need lots of space, such as a Lay-By, to accommodate an Overground weighbridge.

What Size?

  • The most popular size for a road weighbridge is 15 metres long.
  • 15 metres is long enough to accommodate an articulated truck.
  • Most manufacturers make their weighbridges 15 metres long and 3 metres wide.
  • At Gravitation, we make our standard weighbridge 15 metres long and 3.6m (12 ft.) wide.
  • The extra two feet in width, at no extra cost, is safer and more versatile. For example, a dump truck or a tractor with wide wheels can fit easily.
  • 18 metre weighbridges are also popular and make provision for possible developments in the future.
  • Finally, because of our method of manufacture, we can readily design and build a weighbridge to your exact specification. This can be very useful if, for example, you have to replace an existing weighbridge deck.

What About an Axle-Weigher?

  • An Axle-weigher gives a very good indication of weight but is not a substitute for a weighbridge.
  • An axle-weigher usually measures 3 metres wide x 1 metre long. It captures the weight on each axle individually then adds them up to get the total weight.
  • In-motion axle weighing is fast and efficient and can ensure that, not only is the overall weight of a truck within the legal limit but that each individual axle is under the allowed limit.