Forklift Truck Scales

Forklift Truck Scales

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Our Gravitation scales are the best you will find - and for good reason! We supply only the highest quality and most durable products.

We help you to accurately integrate data for weighing into the operations of your business. Help protect your revenue whilst boosting efficiency and keep meticulous records by choosing Gravitation.

One of the great things about our scales is that they do not require any additional steps or routine changes. You can also weigh on the go without needing to pause the operation - saving you precious time and money.

Our scales are designed to fit onto forklifts with a weight indicator that allows for easy measurement. This setup allows for the safe and easy operation of the forklift without disrupting the operator.

Take your operations systems to the next level with a high-accuracy scale from Gravitation!

Forklift Truck Scales Explained

Forklift scales are a revolutionary piece of equipment. They are designed to be a complementary piece of technology that aids in the operations of a business.

Most forklift scales are attached to the hydraulic fork system of the truck and show either an internal or external LCD display for the data. This gives a forklift operator access to the weighing information of the load at a glance - which makes for efficient record-keeping and a quick relay of information.

A bonus of these machines is that they are often waterproof and designed from material that is resistant to cold weather and rust. They are simple to install and easily attach the hydraulic trucks on a forklift - what's not to love?

Other functions and features that one may find on forklift scales can include a printer, to print data that helps to keep track of the loads that have been weighed over a certain period of time, a second load indicator for within the cabin of the truck, and the ability for accumulative or percentage weighing.

If that sounds good, then be sure to have a look at our selection of forklift truck scales today!


A Guide For Choosing A Forklift Scale From Gravitation

When choosing your forklift truck scale from Gravitation, there are some important points to consider.

If you work in a big indoor warehouse with stable weather and you don't plan on storing and moving the information you've processed using your scale, then a budget system with fewer features and an outside screen may be more appropriate.

If this option sounds good to you, why not consider picking up the LTF "ACTIVE" Series Weighing Kit. This model also comes with the option to buy a battery pack, which allows you to use the kit for a much longer amount of time before charging.

Contrary to this, if you require a hardy scale with a weigh screen in your cabin, accurate data accumulation, printing and storage, then perhaps you may want to consider a more robust model, such as the LTF "PROFESSIONAL" Series Weighing Kit. It also features a power-saving function, perfect for when there's a large number of goods that need weighing.

If you're searching for a weigh scale for your lift trucks that can measure weight with high accuracy, can handle a fair load, and be a solution to the efficiency of your operation, look no further than the "LTW" Series Weighing System On Forkholder Plate. This model features a waterproof enclosure and is built to resist corrosives, large weight, and extreme use.



What are the main benefits of a forklift scale?

There are two main benefits of a forklift scale system;

  • Time and money saved by no longer detouring forklifts to a scale and back.
  • Giving you the capacity to store, analyse and automatically add together information.

What is the weighing capacity of a lift truck scale?

The weighing capacity of a forklift scale can vary from product to product; however, you should find that most scales have a capacity of between 1000kg and 2500kg, sometimes even as high as 5000kg.

Are lift truck scales known to be accurate?

Lift truck scales should generally be accurate to around +/-0.2% of their capacity; however, this can vary between different systems.

Are there any disadvantages of using a forklift scale?

The disadvantages of forklift scale systems are actually few and far between for those in the industry.

For much smaller businesses, the initial overhead for forklift scales may seem expensive, and maintenance must also be considered within these expenses and training for the operators.