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    • Easy to use 5-key waterproof keyboard.

    • Red LED display with 6 8-mm digits and 6 LEDs for showing active functions.

    • Standard dimensions for mounting on DIN bar.

    • Calibration, Set-Up parameters, configurable from keyboard or from PC with DINI TOOLS.

    • Up to 10.000e or multirange 2 x 3000e @ 0,3 µV/d in CE-M approved version for legal for trade use.

    • Up to 1.000.000 displayable divisions with internal resolution up to 3.000.000 points.

    • Up to 8 signal linearization points with DINITOOLS (3 from keypad).

    • 1 channel A/D 24-bit sigma-delta conversion, up to 3200 conv./sec. autoselect.

    • Connectable with up to 16 analogue load cells with 350 Ohm input resistance.

    • From 12 Vdc to 24 Vdc power supply.


    • EC Type Approval (EN45501)

    • OIML R76

    • OIML R61 - MID


      Fast calibration; theoretical calibration; weighing filter configuration; zeroing; Semi automatic and presettable tare, print and/or data transmission; ON/Stand-by.

      High Resolution Weighing x 10; Net/Gross or lb/kg conversion; Weighs totalisation; Setpoint; Approved transmission of the weight to PC/PLC (with ALMEM Alibi memory option); Counting; Hold e Peak.

      Reading of the net, gross, and tare weights; Clearing; Semi automatic and presettable tare; Scale switch; Setting of outputs activation thresholds; Reading/Writing of Alibi Memory.
      Reading of microvolts or ADC converter for all the channels; Message display; Printing; Setting of APW in counting mode; Simulation of key pressure; MODBUS serial protocol.

    • 16 bit ANALOGUE OUTPUT on DGT1SAN:
      Analogue output proportional to the net or gross weight, either positive (in loading) or negative (in unloading).


    • Specific programme for use of the indicator as a universal weight repeater or as a multi-scale repeater (MASTER) in combination with DFW/DGT/MCW.


    • Multi-scale repeater (MASTER)
      function which allows to repeat up to 32 independent scales, with the possibility of managing their functions, or displaying and printing the sum of the weighs of all the scales.

    • UNIVERSAL weight repeater
      function which allows to repeat the weight of any scales, through the configuration of the input string.

Weight transmitter / indicator

Dimensions in mm


    • RS232/C bidirectional port configurable for connection with external units.

    • Double RS485 port for a quick network connection.

    • 16-bit analogue output (DGT1SAN model) 4-20mA / 0-5Vdc / 0-10Vdc at choice. Maximum load applicable on the output current: 350Ohm. Minimum load applicable on the output voltage: 10kOhm.

    • 2 photomosfet outputs: 150 mA 48 Vac / 150 mA 60 Vdc (NO), with configurable functions.

    • 2 optoisolator photocoupler inputs: 12÷24 Vdc, 5 mA min - 20 mA max, with configurable functions.




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