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    • Easy to use 5-key waterproof keyboard.

    • Highly efficient red LED display with 6 20-mm digits and 6 LEDs for showing active functions.

    • Case for panel mounting. Dimensions: 143,5 x 72 x 129mm(lxhxw). Drill template: 135,6 x 66,5 x 120mm(lxhxw).

    • A/D 24-bit sigma-delta conversion with 4 channels, up to 200 conv./sec. autoselect.

    • Management of a weighing system from 1 to 4 channels (cells) with digital equalization.

    • Connectable with up to 16 analogue load cells with 350 Ohm input resistance.

    • Up to 1.000.000 displayable divisions with internal resolution up to 3.000.000 points.

    • Calibration, Set-Up parameters, configurable from keyboard or PC with Dinitools.

    • Up to 8 signal linearization points with DINITOOLS (3 from keypad).

    • Time Date.

    • Memory back-up for recording dosage data in case it’s accidentally turned off.

    • Printing the dosage and consumption data.

    • From 12 Vdc to 24 Vdc power supply.


    • EC Type Approval (EN45501)

    • OIML R76

    • OIML R61 - MID


    • 1 RS232/C or RS485 bidirectional port configurable for connection to PC or external units.

    • 1 RS232/C bidirectional port configurable for connection to printer.

    • Six 150 mA 48 Vac / 150 mA 60 Vdc (NO) photomosfet outputs configurable according to the selected dosage function.

    • Four 12÷24 Vdc, 5 mA min - 20 mA max inputs (optoisolator photocouplers) with functions dependent on the selected dosage function.

    • Analogue 16 bit output (only for DGTPFAN model), configurable as 4-20mA, 0-5Vdc or 0-10Vdc. Maximum load applicable on the output current: 350Ohm. Minimum load applicable on the output voltage: 10kOhm.






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