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SKU: DHS Series-1

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    • Backlit LCD display with 5 digits 18mm high.

    • Precision: +/- 0.15% F.S.

    • Mechanical waterproof simplified keypad with 3 keys.

    • Aluminium case, 140x80x47mm size, 420g weight, colour: see table.

    • 250h operating time; autoswitch-off function when not used for a long time.

    • Power supply: 3 fitted extractable batteries of the 1,5 V AA type.

    • Packaging: 100x110x170mm size - approximate weight of 730g.


    • zeroing;

    • semi-automatic tare;

    • HOLD (freezing the weight on the display);

    • unit of measure conversion: kg, lb, N (Newton);

    • digital calibration;

    • auto switch-off;

    • backlight command;

    • low battery warning.

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