"ELGO": modular kit for CP-CPX load cells up to 12.500kg

Gravitation Ltd

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SKU: ELGO Group-1

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    • Adapt the kit's height to the structure to be weighed.

    • Choose the ideal position for the load cell, lifting it from the ground in order to avoid dust and rubble.

    • Choose the ideal installation direction of the cell (standard or turned upside down), according to the application.

    • Create double cell systems, doubling the reliability of the weighing system.


    • Compatible with CP/CPx load cells up to 12500kg.

    • Square stainless steel plate, for fixing directly to the load cells or to the circular plates.

    • Stainless steel multifunctional circular plates, designed to reach the desired height, and for the slot and locking of the load cell.

    • Stainless steel load button, to combine with ELGOC for simple systems, with dummy load cells.

    • Self-centring system for optimal weighing performances.

    • Compensation system of the expansion on the transverse axial, +/- 2,5mm.

    • The ELGO kit does not avoid overturns, nor protect against overloads/lateral forces.


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