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SKU: ELWL Series-1

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MAIN FEATURES (weighing)

    • Maximum lifting capacity: 1200 kg.

    • 4 shear-beam IP67 load cells and connections.

    • Weight indicator with a 17-key, waterproof, numerical-functional keyboard; backlit 25mm LCD display with 6 high-contrast digits and with icons for showing the active functions.

    • Easy to clean waterproof ABS IP65 case resistant to harsh and corrosive environments.

    • Digital calibration and set-up configurable from keypad.

    • Power supply through built-in rechargeable battery (charge time of eight hours). Battery level indication.

    • The operating time is of about 40 hours; programmable energy saving functions.

    • Configurable RS232 / C bidirectional port for connection to the printer.

    • Configurable RS232 / C bidirectional port for PC, modem radio or portable terminal.


    • Thick steel and oven-fire painted structure.

    • Wheels with polyurethane coating.

    • Distance from the centre of gravity: 600 mm.

    • Fork height: 85 mm to max. 200 mm.

    • Adjustable lowering speed.

    • Maximum horizontal inclination: 10% at full load, 25% without load.

    • Electromagnetic and parking brakes.

    • 24 VDC 55 Ah battery and charger.

    • Electric power supply 0.3 kw traction and in lifting 0,4 Kw.


    • Zeroing, Tare, Printing, numeric IDs

    • High resolution display (x 10)

    • Net / Gross or lb / kg conversion

    • Accumulation

    • Formulation

    • + / - check weighing

    • Percent weighing

    • Counting (with max. resolution of 1,500,000 divisions)

    • Hold and Peak

Options (only available at time of order)

    • Thermal printer option box

    • Radio modem option box

    • WI-FI interface

    • Alibi memory with time-date

    • Date / Time

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