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SKU: GAI Series-2

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    • Backlit LCD display with 7 digits 16.5mm high.

    • Waterproof membrane keypad, with 5 keys.

    • Construction: bearing structure in die cast aluminium, ABS case.

    • Weight detection through tuning fork system.

    • Stainless steel plate, size:
      - GAI420 and GAI620 models Ø 118mm
      - GAI2200 and GAI4200 models 180x160mm.

    • Draught shield (on GAI420 and GAI620 models), level, adjustable feet.

    • Power supply: standard fitte with 230 Vac power adapter.

    • RS232/c port for connection to PC, 3590E series indicator or printer.

    • Internal calibration.

    • Upon request:
      - ACCREDIA calibration with issuing of relative certificate;
      - CE-M approval;
      - weigh-below hook.


    • counting;

    • % weight;

    • conversion units of measure:
      - Standard versions, not approved: g, kg, ct, oz, lb, ozt, dwt;
      - CM versions, approved: g, kg, ct (only available at time of scale's order);

    • zeroing;

    • zero tracking;

    • semi-automatic tare;

    • digital calibration.

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