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SKU: LTW Plate Series-1

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    • 17-key numerical and functional waterproof keypad.

    • 25mm LCD backlit display with 6 high contrast digits with icons indicating the active functions.

    • Easy to clean ABS waterproof IP65 enclosure built to withstand harsh treatment and corrosive environments.

    • Bearing structure in extra thick sheet steel and accurate functioning mechanics with 2 shear-beam IP68 load cells.

    • Dimensions: 910x407x110 mm; kit weighs 184 kg.

    • Hermetically sealed junction box fitted with cable extendible up to 5m (or non-extendible 10m cable insertable in column) for connection to weight indicator.

    • Accuracy: +/- 0.05% of the capacity.

    • Max. horizontal inclination (flexibility): +/- 2° with the same accuracy characteristics.

    • Max. allowable overload: more than 300% f.s., with protection limit switch in case of broken hinges.

    • Max. barycentric shifting: 55 mm.

    • Digital calibration and set-up through keyboard or PC with DINITOOLS ™.

    • Indicator power supply through built-in rechargeable battery; 40-hour approximate operating time.

    • Programmable auto power saving function.

    • Equipped with 230Vac 50 Hz indicator battery charger (approximate 8-hour indicator recharge time).

    • Bi-directional RS232/C port for connection to printer.

    • Bi-directional RS232/C serial output for radio modem, PC or portable terminal.


    • High Resolution Weighing x 10

    • Net/Gross or lb/kg conversion

    • Accumulation

    • Formula weighing

    • Percentage weighing

    • Counting (Max. resolution of 1.500.000 divisions).


    • KEYBOARD: Zeroing, Automatic tare, Presettable tare, printing and/or data transmission, selectable function command, on/off switching.

    • PRINTING: Configurable print layout with:
      - 4 heading lines (with DINITOOLS)
      - Gross-Tare-Net and ticket number
      - Date and time (only with DFCLK)
      - Print of barcode 39 for LP542S labeller or for OBTPR printer.

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