Marsden M-110 Column Scale

Gravitation Ltd


SKU: M-110 Series Group-1
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The Marsden M-110 is a Class III Approved column scale with a high capacity and the ability to measure a patient's BMI.


The high capacity and excellent accuracy of the M-110 mean it's suitable for almost any patient.


The M-110 is available with an optional height measure - both manual and automatic versions. A printer can also be added, allowing patients to take away a printed record of their height, weight and BMI reading along with the date and time the readings were taken.


Boasting heavy duty construction, the Marsden M-110 Column Scale will withstand years of regular use - and will last even longer and stay accurate with the help of a Marsden service contract.


Additionally, there is optional  Bluetooth connectivity for connection to systems, databases, smart phones, tablets and PCs.

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