Marsden M-210 Professional Chair Scale

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SKU: M-210 Series Group
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The Marsden M-210 Chair Scale is a professional medical weighing scale with a high capacity of 250kg and numerous functions, like BMI, Hold and Tare.


This scale offers extreme accuracy - to 50g - and easy manoeuvrability: It is lightweight and easy to move with two rear brake wheels and two fixed wheels, and the armrests and footrests are hinged for easier patient transfer. The M-210 is powered by a mains rechargeable battery, meaning patients can be weighed absolutely anywhere.


Bluetooth connectivity is also available with the M-210, making it a great telehealth solution. Tick the checkbox below and your M-210 will be able to instantly transfer weighing data to a tablet/smartphone device, PC or central database.


As a Class III Approved medical scale with numerous functions and an easy to use indicator, the M-210 Professional Chair Scale is a Marsden best-seller. It's ideal for hospitals, nursing homes and care homes.

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