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    • Maximum lifting capacity: 2000 kg.

    • Accuracy: +/- 0.1% of the maximum capacity in the versions for internal use.

    • Accuracy: +/- 0.05% of the maximum capacity in the "M" approved versions.

    • Fork dimensions 1150 x 550 x 85 mm. Weighs about 125 kg.

    • Bearing structure in extra thick sheet steel and oven-fire painted interior construction.

    • Fitted swivelling column head.

    • Steering wheels and double loading rollers with a poliurethane coating.

    • 4 stainless steel IP68 shear-beam load cells.

    • Weighing indicator with colour touch screen with easy to clean ABS waterproof IP65 enclosure built to withstand humid and dusty environments.

    • Slot for built-in micro SD for recording logos.

    • Configuration, calibration and diagnostics from keyboard or PC with DINITOOLS.

    • Power supply through built-in extractable rechargeable battery. Fitted with battery charge.

    • The operating time is of about 10 hours of continuous use, or 24/24h with second optional rechargeable battery.

    • Programmable auto power saving function. Battery level indication.

    • Equipped with 230Vac 50 Hz battery charger (recharging time is about 8 hours).

    • RS232/C port for connection to printer, radio module, remote scale.

    • RS232/C port on RJ connector for connection to PC.

    • Fitted with time/date and Alibi Memory.

    • Fitted with thermal printer with RS232/C dedicated bidirectional port (TPW20ETP and TPW20ETPM version).


    • Standard version with "AF01" software for advanced totalisation, in loading/unloading, formulation; functioning as PC terminal (data entry protocol communication); database of 1000 articles; 200 customers/suppliers, 300 tares, 4 independent viewable and printable total levels, bar code reading with article activation; 15 configurable and printable text IDs (i.e.: Code, lot ID, operator ID, shift number, etc.), A.C.W. (Automatic Calibration Warning): automatically advises to check the configurable calibration. Customisable printouts.


    • Thanks to the programmable Touch Screen Display, you can create custom-made interfaces for any application:Grazie al display Touch Screen programmabile, potrete creare l'interfaccia su misura per ogni applicazione:


    • Special steering wheels.

    • 680 mm fork width.

    • Special fork length from 850 to 1500 mm.

    • Special capacity e/o divisions.

    • High resolution.


Thanks to our integrated development, you can create complete customised applications in autonomy:

    • wizards, operator messages

    • serial port management, protocols customization

    • digital I/O full management

    • sequential or simultaneous automations

    • data entry, custom archives

Dini Argeo can offer the service of custom development programs.

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