ATEX Crane Scales

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Our crane scales at Gravitation, are heavy-duty scales used for suspension weighing of large, heavy items. Using crane scales means you can save floor space, and weigh awkwardly shaped items relatively easily. Crane scales are often used to weigh items to ensure they do not overload a crane or other lifting device as well as providing a weight for the item to the user.

What are the advantages of a crane scale?

High capacity crane weighing scales: COur rane scales are available with a range of high capacities. For example, the MCWX2GD Suspended Crane Scale comes in various tailored weight capacities and offers a wide variety of benefits

Suitable for a range of different applications and environments. Our crane scales are built with IP68 Stainless steel, can operate within a large temperature range (-10℃ / +40℃) and has a rechargeable battery that is hermetically sealed and can be extracted - the battery has 160-hour operating time before being recharged in a safe area.

A crane scale saves floor space: Platform scales are ideal for weighing large and heavy items. They also occupy a lot of floor space - a crane scale doesn't: it can be left hanging about head/vehicle height when not in use, without blocking the path of warehouse traffic like fork trucks and workers.

Crane weighing scales are more efficient than platform scales - As a result, it is easier to move the scale to the item to be weighed, rather than the other way around. Furthermore, some crane weighing scales have remote controls for safe operation from a distance.

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