OIML E1 Certified Test Weights

Discover our range of versatile OIML test weights in various sizes. Our test weights for scales meet the stringent standards of the International Organization of Legal Metrology (OIML) E1 class. No matter your industry, these precision-engineered test weights are designed to provide exceptional accuracy and reliability, making them ideal for calibration in various applications. Browse the full range below to buy weights in Ireland today.

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Enhance Your Calibration Procedures with OIML E1 Certification

OIML E1 certification signifies the highest accuracy level in the metrology field. When you choose certified test weights from our collection, you invest in the assurance of precise and reliable calibration results. Our test weights for scales have undergone rigorous testing and meet the strict requirements of the OIML.

By incorporating certified test weights into your calibration procedures, you can have confidence in the accuracy and traceability of your measurements. These weights are meticulously engineered in Ireland to deliver consistent and dependable results, ensuring the integrity of your calibration process, no matter your industry.

Choosing Gravitation’s certified test weights will provide the following benefits:

  • Accuracy and Reliability: Our weights are manufactured and calibrated to meet specific accuracy standards set by authorised organisations.

  • Compliance with Regulations: Using certified test weights for scales helps you meet essential requirements, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

  • Traceability: OIML test weights provide a documented traceability chain, establishing a transparent and auditable path from the measurement instrument to the primary standard. 

  • Consistency and Consensus: E1 test weights are part of a recognised and agreed-upon measurement system. 

  • Quality Assurance: Certified test weights undergo rigorous calibration procedures and testing, ensuring their quality and performance.

  • Customer Confidence: Using certified test weights demonstrates your commitment to accuracy, precision, and quality. 

Want to buy test weights in Ireland? See more of our high-quality test weights for scales online here at Gravitation today.

Experience the Difference with High-Quality Certified Test Weights

Upgrade your calibration procedures and maximise precision with our OIML E1 certified test weights in Ireland. Enhance the reliability, traceability and compliance of all your calibration processes. With Gravitation, you can trust in quality and have confidence in accuracy. We also provide many other industrial weights including crane and pallet truck scales. Contact us to learn more, or click here to explore our range of certified test weights and take your measurements to the next level today.



What does OIML E1 certification mean? 

OIML E1 certification is a globally recognised standard for test weights. It ensures that the weights meet stringent accuracy requirements and have undergone thorough testing and calibration procedures. OIML test weights offer high accuracy and traceability to national or international metrology institutes.

Are certified test weights necessary for calibration? 

While not all calibration processes require OIML test weights, they are highly recommended for achieving the most reliable results. E1 test weights provide traceability, regulation compliance and measurement accuracy confidence. Plus, they are particularly essential for industries with strict quality control or regulatory requirements.

How often should certified test weights be recalibrated?

Recalibration frequency depends on several factors, including usage, environmental conditions and industry regulations. It is usual practice to recalibrate certified test weights annually or as relevant industry rules specify. Regular recalibration ensures maximum precision.