Test Weights

Test Weights

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Manufactured to the highest standards, our test weights are the perfect tool for calibrating scales to ensure you’re obtaining the most accurate reading. Our test weights are perfect for use on a worktop, lab bench or anything surface; regardless of the space available. We give you the control with the option of buying our test weights individually or as a set; meaning that no project big or small will be impacted. 

At Gravitation, we carry a varying range of test weights that differ in weight and shape, meaning catering to all your weighing needs should be a simple task. If you need additional help choosing you can contact us and one of our advisors can guide you through your selection process. 


What are test weights?

Test weights are typically used for testing by those who use scales and balances in addition to a traditional external calibration regime. 

How often do test weights need to be calibrated?

Bi-annually or yearly. It’s recommended test weights are calibrated on a bi-annually to yearly basis. This however does all depend on the usage and the importance of the weighing process.

What are calibration weights used for?

Test weights that have been previously calibrated are used to calibrate scales. This is a process that ensures scales are accurate when weighing. Test weights are used to calibrate various kinds of scales depending on use and necessity.  It’s important to make sure your test weights are calibrated and they are accurate to provide you with accurate calibration results.