Weigh Beams

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This is a type of weighing scale, typically used in warehouses and factories to weigh a range of items from standard pallets to pipes and other materials.

Why you need weigh beams

These scales are an essential tool to have if you want to offer a flexible service or have different-sized objects to weigh. Products can be unloaded straight from pallet trucks onto the bars for easy weighing access. Models also come with features such as a rechargeable battery power supply and an operating temperature between 0-40c.

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What are weigh beams used for?

Such equipment is used all around the world, mainly for weighing objects found at industrial sites, a pallet of goods, for example. This scale can be combined with other modules to offer other services such as light vehicle weighing.

How do these scales work?

The scale is made up of two stainless steel bars. The distance between the bars can be altered to allow for variation in the item's shape and size. The indicator unit records and displays the weight of the object.

What are the applications of weigh beams?

Scales are used for heavy-duty applications in industry areas such as warehousing or agriculture, where objects being weighed are not all uniform or need to be unloaded straight from the pallet truck.

What is the maximum weight capacity for these scales?

Depending on which division and plate you choose from the range of beams available, the maximum weight capacity on the scale can be as much as 6,000 kg.