Bed Scales

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What Are Bed Scales?

Bed scales are medically graded weighing scales designed specifically for bed weighing in hospitals. This type of weighing scale is specifically useful when a patient's medical condition and capacity means that they cannot step onto the usual medical scales available.

These Bed weighing scales work by measuring the weight of the bed with the patient on top of it and then accounting for the bed's weighting. Medical scales are specifically useful in hospital wards where most patients are bound to bed rest due to severe medical conditions.

In these situations, bed scales allow accurate patient data to be entered into the hospital system without putting the patient in any discomfort.

Deciding Which Bed Scale Is Best For You

With a large variety of scales currently available on the medical market, it is important that you choose the right scale for you. Each set of scales has a selection of different features, providing a different service for a range of different needs.

One of the most popular brands of medical scales is Marsden scales, which we stock. Pairing well with Class III approved beds, their scales have a stable platform to weigh the bed on. With a preset tare function, allowing you to account for the patient's bed easily, the process to weigh a patient is made as simple as possible.

You may wish to consider Class III approved scale systems with alternative features, such as a rechargeable battery, which allows the scale to be much more portable. This may be useful if you need to transport scales between wards and need them to remain calibrated at all times.

On our website, you can search for your ideal scales using our search feature, where you can sort by optional add-ons and dimensions of the scales.

Marsden scales are a great option for medical weighing. Their function as a low profile, non-invasive weighing system positioned neatly under a bed also makes them perfect for care homes.

Having any issues finding the right set of scales for you or your patients? You can get in touch with us via our handy 'contact us' form - we'll be happy to help you find the right weighing system for you.


If you're struggling to find the right information regarding your bed scale queries, then our FAQs section should help you find the details you need.

Why do I need a bed scale?

You may need a bed scale if you work in the healthcare industry or as a stay-at-home carer, and you need to log accurate information for whoever you're caring for. A bed scale is perfect if you're looking for accuracy and ease when gathering data from your patients.

Are bed scales accurate?

Most scales go through rigorous testing before being released for purchase, and great care is taken to ensure that the bed can handle a specified max and minimum weight.

After the first use is logged and the scale has been used to ascertain the weight of the bed, the scale should retain this information even if portable and moved around between different wards.

Does a weighing scale deduct the weight of a bed automatically?

This is usually the case for more recent scales launched onto the market, but different models of scales may require you to deduct the weight manually.

The scale retains the information of the bed's weight in whatever unit you set it to (usually pounds or kilograms) and deducts that amount from the overall weight of the patient and the bed together.

Do I need a Class III approved bed?

Beds for patients should be chosen with great care, with special attention paid to their construction and durability. Most scales work best with Class III approved beds, making them more reliable for use in hospital and other healthcare settings.

If you're unsure about the compatibility of your bed, then feel free to ask us for further information.