Over Head Track Scales

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All food processing plants need a safe procedure to hygienically move and weigh products without causing any disruption. Our overhead track scales offer the perfect solution by providing you with a reliable system to accurately weigh each product. 

Our TW Series scales are compatible with all overhead monorails and are easy to install alongside existing track systems. With the choice of 300mm or 600mm rail lengths and various weight capacities, we will find the perfect scales for your production line.

How overhead track scales work

The scales are attached to a section of the track above the monorail. As the production line passes below the scales, each item will be accurately weighed. All measurements will be recorded on the LCD display.



What are the uses of overhead track systems?

This type of system is most commonly found in slaughterhouse environments. It allows carcasses to be quickly and safely transported throughout the site while maintaining high hygiene standards.

What technology is used in these scales?

Our scales meet the top load-bearing specifications to comply with IP66/IP68 standards. The weighing device is connected to a 15 VDC power supply to ensure it can be used at full capacity.

Do overhead conveyor systems require installation?

Our weighing systems only require a simple installation, allowing them to be fitted to your current production line. You will only experience minimal disruption to your services.