Parcel Scales

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If your business regularly weighs items, postal scales are essential for working out the dispatch weight. Multiple items can be grouped together and counted with unbeatable accuracy.

We make it clear which options our parcel weighing devices offer to make it easy for you to pick the best one.

Our parcel scale products

We offer a selection of weighing devices at a great price, with each one having a slightly different function or use. Below is a brief summary of the types available:

  • Portable bench device - perfect for shop use
  • Bench to floor - can be used in any place
  • Platform design - allows heavier items to be safely weighed

Why you need a parcel scale

Scales are an essential item when you need to know an accurate weight. Accurate weight information will save you money by avoiding excess postage costs, and the speed at which they record data will save you valuable time.




What is the best shipping scale?

For a portable option, our bench scales are the ideal choice with their long battery life and great price tag. Otherwise, our platform designs are ideal when weighing a large quantity of items.

How do I know which parcel scale I need?

The type of scale that you need will depend on the size of the parcels you need to measure. Look at the weighing platform dimensions to check it is adequate, especially if you are weighing multiple parcels.

What is the accuracy of these scales?

The actual precision of a scale depends on their weighing capacity, so only measure packages within these weights. Any items outside of this weight range will not produce accurate results.

What features should postal scales have?

The best postal scales come with rechargeable batteries, so the device can be used continuously. Their stainless steel plate is essential for quick cleaning and an LCD display screen is handy in poor light.