Parcel Scales

Get parcel scales for your ecommerce company or shop. Weigh packages with accuracy so you never overpay for postage again. Explore our range of platform scales, bench-floor scales, and compact bench scales for weighing packages. Our parcel weighing scales are sensitive, sturdy, and accurate. They streamline the shipping process for companies of different sizes and in different types of locations from warehouses to physical stores. With simple configuration and an easy-to-operate display, you can get started right away. CTA: Shop our range of reliable, accurate postage scales to boost efficiency and save costs.

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Parcel Weighing Scales and Postage Scales

Whether you run an online shop or a brick-and-mortar shop, use packing scales to get an accurate dispatch weight. You’ll get shipping costs right every time. Plus, you won’t have to worry about unexpected extra charges from Royal Mail or your courier service.

Given their purpose, weighing scales for postage are super sensitive and accurate. The products you’ll find here are all level and sturdy. Our parcel scales come with either non-slip feet or a rubber mat to ensure they’re accurate and safe.

You have the option of using a power cable or rechargeable batteries for easy transport. All of our parcel weighing scales are made from stainless steel making them long-lasting and easy to clean.

When buying a parcel scale consider the average size and weight of the parcels you send. Then find the right product by looking carefully at the dimensions on our product pages. 

Also consider the type of postage scales you’ll need. Bench-floor scales for weighing parcels work on a number of surfaces. Choose our compact bench scales if you need to move the scales around your storeroom or warehouse. Or opt for a platform scale if you’re weighing larger packages and the scale will have a more permanent spot at your location.

Why Choose Gravitation for Your Parcel Scales?

At Gravitation we’re expert manufacturers and specialist suppliers of industrial scales. We supply heavy duty scales for a variety of applications and industries from vehicle weighing to agriculture.

Our scales for weighing parcels come from the best suppliers such as Kern. The platform parcel scales from Kern are expertly designed and come with a two-year guarantee.

Gravitation is trusted by a number of prestigious brands and institutions including Servisair, ESB, and Guinness. Companies choose us thanks to our years of experience in manufacturing and research, plus our dedication to customers.

When you buy postage scales or other types of scales from us, you can also opt for a maintenance/service contract. We service every type of industrial weighing scale whether we manufacture it or not.

Gravitation also designs and builds custom weighing systems. Contact us today to find a custom solution that meets your exact needs.

The parcel scales you’ll find on this page, like the rest of our products, are ISO-certified and verified for NSAI and Legal Metrology. This means your weighing scales are scrutinised, tested, and compliant.

Frequently Asked Questions

What scale should I use for packages?

If you need an accurate parcel weight for commercial purposes, use a professional weighing system. For a small to medium business or an entrepreneurial venture, it’s important to get shipping weights correct. 

Otherwise, you run the risk of overpaying on postage which eats into your profits. Furthermore, if dispatch weights are incorrect you may underestimate shipping costs and then face unexpected charges. This would likely throw off your accounts and forecasting.

The exact type of scale you use for packages depends on variables such as what industry you operate in and the average size and weight of your packages.

What are the different types of postal scales?

Postage scales vary in terms of size and weight capacity. They also differ in their placement. For instance, we stock floor scales, bench scales, and multi-purpose floor-to-bench scales. When buying parcel scales check that specifications meet your requirements. You may choose a heavy duty version for larger packages or a compact version that’s easy to move around.

How accurate is a postal scale?

Our parcel scales are incredibly precise to the milligram thanks to their sturdiness and advanced technology. Kern platform scales, for example, are vibration-proof, increasing accuracy. This means that even when the conditions are unstable, they’re able to provide a stable weight based on an average value.