Retail Scales

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An essential piece of equipment for businesses looking to sell items by weight, we only sell scales with excellent accuracy, high-quality stainless steel and responsive keypads.

A great fit for retail businesses

Having accurate and straightforward equipment is important for keeping day-to-day operations efficient and running smoothly, but it is also vital for building customer trust and satisfaction in your business.

Find the right retail scales today

Whether your business needs a simple solution or more advanced features from your scale, such as portability and rechargeable battery options, there is a whole range of products to choose from.

Many of our products have been developed with specific business solutions in mind, such as revolving displays to help customers easily see weights and prices. Check out our product list for more information.



Which industries use retail scale products?

The supermarket industry is one of the biggest users of this type of scale. Other sectors which utilise scales include those in food, agriculture, and health.

What features should a retail scale have?

This equipment should show more information than standard scales. For instance, all retail scales should have price computing software, displaying not only how heavy the items are, but also the unit and total price.

More advanced equipment may also include features such as a touch screen display, ingredient lists, and a ticketing system.

What is the maximum capacity for these scales?

The capacity depends on the size and division of the scales. Most scales tolerate up to 30 kg. If your business is looking for higher capacity, you may be interested in searching for more heavy-duty products.

Are retail scales compulsory?

If you are looking to sell your products by their weights, then yes, they are compulsory. Businesses must also ensure that their scales are stamped and approved for operation in their country of trade.