Veterinary Scales

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Animal weighing products are pivotal for keeping track of animal health issues. Vets use them to keep a record of a pet's size and for keeping the animal still with a hold function which is very important when weighing them for an accurate reading.

The benefits of using animal scales

An animal scale is beneficial for weighing small or big animals and comes with a variety of features and functions. Benefits include:

  • Super-easy to clean,
  • Have an accurate reading to the nearest 5 grams, depending on the model,
  • Non-slip surface,
  • Easily transportable

Whether you searching for a scale to weigh cats and small dogs of up to 20 kilos or weighing bigger pets of up to 250 kilos capacity. We supply the best equipment that is used by some of the biggest veterinary companies around.


What product features should a veterinary scale have?

Some of the product features required for a quality scale is:

  • An easy to read LCD display,
  • Rechargeable battery operation with a tare function
  • Stainless steel tray for larger pets
  • A stand and height rod
  • A wall bracket

What are the uses of animal weighing scales?

An animal weighing scale is used by vets, zookeepers, and farmers for keeping an accurate track of animal weight whilst monitoring their food intake.

Are veterinary scales mandatory?

A vet will need a very accurate weighing scale to indicate if a pet has any health problems. By using vet scaling equipment, they can analyze whether a pet has a healthy weight with the readability display.

What types of animals are these scales suitable for?

They are suitable for pets as small as a hamster to a large dog. Zookeepers use them for weighing any animal up to a 250 kilograms capacity.