Wall Scales

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A wall scale is designed around a square or round platform for weighing items. The CW Stainless Steel Series has a simple structure for usage versatility. Its stainless steel construction means it can be used in most environments.

They are useful as domestic kitchen wall scales or commercial food scales as they can be positioned at a convenient height to make shifting loads easier.

Our range of wall scales

The CW Stainless Steel Series not only offers the standard foldable platform but is also fitted with a quarter-weighing hook.

The benefits of using a wall scale

Functionality and practicality are the main features of their design. The fold-away platform allows for these compact scales to save space, which is particularly useful in a kitchen with little room.



Are wall-mounted kitchen scales easy to use?

Yes. The plate can be folded down and put away with ease, and precision sensors allow for accurate readings.

Which industries use them?

Their wall-mounted capability makes them useful tools in the food and agricultural industries. In particular, their splash resistance and convenience make them particularly popular with butchers.

What technology should a wall scale use?

Technology improves the overall experience when using these products. An additional LED display can allow for better information readability. A timer function and tare function are also standard features. Furthermore, consumers may choose to source a model with a clock and menu for extra usability.

Is a stainless steel wall scale the best?

There are many advantages of a stainless steel scale. A kitchen scale in particular benefits from being easy to clean, which is especially important in maintaining the strict hygiene standards and conditions required from these industries.