Counting Scales

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Counting scales are used for industrial counting and check-weighing by piece counting. This saves time and money when packing bags of parts, allowing it to be done according to piece weights rather than measuring each item individually.

Our stainless steel weighing scales will speed up your business' packing process and stop the waste of time on boring, repetitive tasks. Our range is sure to contain a product to suit your needs, with readability from 0.1g to 5g.

The benefits of a counting scale

The counting function ensures your business displays accurate product information on the pack. They save employees a lot of time, and boredom, compared to having to count out hundreds of small pieces and products manually.



How accurate are these scales?

This range of products has a very high accuracy - many have readability of as little as 0.01g. So, they can be used to count out a very small, low-weight product quickly and easily with consistent results.

When should a counting scale be used?

The most common application of these scales is on a production line for packing items like screws. Different count resolutions will affect what the balance can be used for. 

What is the maximum weight capacity of these scales?

Bench scales have a lower capacity than floor scales - it depends on the design of the platform. A bigger platform size generally means higher capacity. Also, consider the tare weight when it comes to calibration - this number should account for the packaging materials as well as the product itself.

Is it a legal requirement to use counting scales?

It can be - it depends on the product. They are a great choice for saving time, but if the pack is used to show the product's weight, it is the law to use a trade-approved scale to ensure the information is accurate.