Medical Scales

Medical Scales

Accurate and reliable weight measurements are essential in the healthcare industry. That's why we provide the best medical scales for hospitals and clinics. At Gravitation, we offer a comprehensive range of medical weighing scales, including floor and wheelchair scales. Discover our high-quality medical scales for sale below and order online today.

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Discover Our Range of High-Quality Medical Scales for Healthcare Professionals

Why compromise on precision when it comes to patient care? Our digital medical scales are meticulously crafted to deliver accurate weight readings, ensuring healthcare professionals can make informed decisions and monitor patients effectively. From digital scales to body composition analysers, we have various medical scales to cater to multiple medical applications.

Looking for effective veterinary scales? Our medical weighing scales for vets ensure animals of all sizes are cared for. Discover our pet weighing scales online right here

Hospitals need medical-grade scales to provide excellent patient care. With sturdy bed scales, you can accurately measure patients unable to stand, helping healthcare professionals construct the right treatment plan.

Another medical scale for hospitals is specifically for wheelchair users. Our robust and accurate wheelchair weighing scales and hoist scales are another solution for those unable to stand or move around. 

Floor scales are a necessity in every doctor's office and clinical setting. So choose the best medical-grade scale for your patients with our expertly manufactured floor scales, made for accuracy and precision. 

Learn more about our wheelchair, veterinary, and floor scale online here at Gravitation to get started today. 

Enhance Patient Care with Our State-of-the-Art Medical Scales, Ireland

Ready to buy industrious medical scales online? Start exploring our wide range of high-quality weighing scales today. Whether you need electronic medical scales, a wheelchair, a hoist or veterinary weighing scales, we have various weighing solutions to meet your needs.

Our expert team is ready to assist you in finding the ideal scales for your specific requirements. Don't compromise on precision—choose Gravitation for all your medical weighing needs.

Click here to browse our medical-grade scales and elevate patient care with accurate and reliable weight measurements today.


What are medical scales?

When it comes to being weighed in a medical setting, you will be asked to step up on a set of scales. Medical scales are professional grade devices that are utilised to determine a person’s weight, which can be used along with other data points such as Body Mass Index. Many scales also have a height rod that is attached to the scales so a patient can be measured with ease.

What kind of scales do doctors use?

Doctors' scales vary from practice to practice. Some doctors may adopt a type of scale called a “balance beam scale” which comprises sliding weights that measures one's body mass. More commonly, doctors use floor scales. These scalesare a flat surface which the patient will typically step onto and the weight will be displayed; either on a digital or an analog display.

Are medical scales more accurate?

Medical scales are typically more accurate than scales that you may stashed away in your bathroom at home. At Gravitation, our scales are accurate to 50g accuracy, which makes them suitable for hospital use. Because conventional scales are not required to be medical grade in terms of accuracy, inconsistencies are more likely to occur with your scales that you may have at home, and these cannot be used in a medical or veterinary setting.