ATEX Load cells

ATEX is derived from ATmosphères EXplosibles, which is a reference to the European Union directive 2014/34/EU concerning equipment and protective systems used in potentially explosive atmospheres. These devices and protective systems are intended to prevent hazards and protect the health and safety of people who use them.

With our ATEX load cells, you can become familiar with the various applications, protection concepts, equipment groups, and temperature classes in a quick and convenient manner.

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Please be aware that our ATEX Products listed below range from a range of different applications that all are suited to an ATEX Load cell:

The Origins of ATEX

In April 2016, the European Commission replaced Directive 94/9/EC with the ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU

In regards to the manufacturer and explosion-protected equipment, there was little change due to the directive not affecting the health and safety requirements did not change. Essentially, all health and safety requirements for explosion-protected equipment stayed the same under the old certificates of the old ATEX Directive 94/9/EC which remain valid without any added amendments. In the new Directive, the harmonised EN600xx standards will continue to be applied, as will the conformity assessment procedures.

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